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Dr. Jay Ajmo and his team at PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry have been expertly providing Invisalign® to their patients in the Palm Beach Gardens, Stuart, and Jupiter, FL area for many years. The “wireless revolution” of Invisalign makes straightening your teeth and correcting for misaligned and crowded teeth easier and more convenient than ever. Invisalign does away with the bulky metal wires and brackets of traditional braces and replaces them with invisible plastic aligners that can help you achieve the stunning results you are seeking. The Invisalign treatment is custom tailored to your needs, and it aims at making the process as comfortable as possible.

The Invisalign orthodontic treatment uses a series of plastic aligners that are optimized throughout the process to your unique set of teeth, which gradually, gently, and effectively move your teeth into the desired positions. At PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry, by using 3D imaging and rendering technology, we can show your Invisalign results even before you put your aligners on! Some of the principal benefits of Invisalign include:

  • Virtually Invisible — Bulky and gawky metal braces draw unwanted attention. Invisalign invisible aligners make your orthodontic treatment discrete and unobtrusive.
  • Completely Removable — Invisalign clear aligners can be removed to eat, drink, brush, and floss without the inconvenience of restrictive hardware. Have a special occasion and rather take your aligners out? No problem! Do you play sports? No problem! The decision to remove your aligners for important events is yours to make!
  • Faster Treatment Time — With Invisalign you will receive a new set of Invisalign clear aligners every two weeks and you’ll only need to visit our offices every six weeks, doing away with those inconvenient and frequent dentist appointments to tighten and adjust the wires on metal braces. Invisalign may require only 12 to 18 months to produce the desired results, while traditional metal braces require an average of three years.
  • Flexible Payment Options — At PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry your dental health and overall wellbeing are our priorities. We can help you restore the luster to your smile with our flexible payment options.

If you are considering restoring your smile to its natural beauty, call PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry to schedule your no-obligation Invisalign consultation today!

"Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age. To discuss your Invisalign treatment options, contact us today"
About Our Invisalign Practice

At PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry our patients are family. Your visits with Dr. Ajmo and his highly trained team are not just visits to the dentist. Our philosophy stresses the development of a personal relationship with each patient to provide the most comfortable and most satisfying path to a better life through good dental health and a gorgeous smile. In our Palm Beach Gardens, FL office every patient is warmly greeted, seen quickly, and treated with the latest dental and orthodontic technology. PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry also offers a number of spa-like amenities, such as warm blankets and aromatherapy, to make your visits with us as comfortable for you as possible.
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Am I an Invisalign Candidate?

Dr. Ajmo at PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens, FL uses Invisalign to efficiently, quickly, and conveniently restore patients’ stunning smiles. With Invisalign, we can correct crooked teeth, space issues, misalignments, and overcrowding without the aesthetic and physical shortcomings that come with traditional metal braces. If you are interested in perfecting your smile with Invisalign in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and Stuart, FL contact us today to learn more about how we determine Invisalign candidates and to schedule a no-obligation consultation!


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